Zalkire Hagane [Japanese:勇敢な鋼] is the main protagonist of Metal Fight Beyblade: Darkness Rising who's main goal is to put an end to The MisFits and their evil ambitions. He is also the owner of Wing Pegasis 90WF.

Zalkire unleashing his Blader Spirit.


Zalkire was raised by his mother and step-father. One day Zalkire went to his grandfather's house his grandfather had told Zalkire about his real father, Ginga Hagane who was a great Blader and even saved the world with his Bey.Zalkire also received his first Beyblade that day, Pegasis 105F. Zalkire realized he wanted to meet other bladers so he went to Metal Bey City, where he meet great friends that seemed to be in trouble. Zalkire agreed that he would help then in any way he could. Zalkire has stayed in Metal Bey City with his friends. His Pegasis has also gone through many evolutions.  Pegasis 105F ,to Storm Pegasis 105RF ,to Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F ,to Big Bang Pegasis F:D ,and to its final evolution, Wing Pegasis 90WF. Zalkire will help anyone that needs it. Zalkire has a big heart and is very powerful, never giving up on others and his Pegasis.

Metal Fight Beyblade: Darkness RisingEdit



Pryokinesis -Is the power that allows Zalkire to create and control fire with his mind.


Wing Pegasis 90WF-Zalkire's one and only confirmed beyblade.

Metal  Face Bolt: Pegasis 

Clear Wheel: Pegasis

Metal Wheel: Wing

Track: 90

Bottom: Wide Flat

Special Move(s)Edit

Star Strike Attack-Is when Pegasis soars into space and comes crashing back down onto the opposing Bey with a firey blue aura, shooting the opposing Bey deep into the stadium.

Galaxy Heart Soul-Is when Pegasis flys high into space and uses the powers of the galaxy to create a huge blast that comes crashing down faster than the speed of light and knocks out the other bey.

Mystical Wing Superior-Is when Pegasis and Zalkire use their Mystic power that creates a rift in time where the other blader's Bey is frozen and then they create a ultimate blast that shoots out of both Pegasis's wings.