"The Storm" was the name given to a strange and so far unique weather phenomenon that occurred in Metal Bey City, Japan at sometime during 2009. The Storm gave many people ( as well a few animals) in the Metal Bey City community super powers.

The Storm

Destruction caused by The Storm.

The EventEdit

The Storm occurred all of a sudden starting off as a dense black cloud that originated and expanded from a single point. Unusually the storm did not have any rain but instead had a star shoot across the sky and break into 10 individual fragments and giant hailstones that caused a lot of damage throughout the city. Lightning strikes also occurred in the storm, however there seemed to be multiple lightning strikes all occurring at the same time throughout Metal Bey City. The multiple lightning strikes occurred once and then the stormed suddenly was gone.


Many people caught in the storm were imbued with superpowers. It is important to note that not everyone in the resence of the storm wee given superpowers, it seems most likely that only those struck by lightning or very close to a lightning strike were given powers.

The Powers were diverse and often not your conventional superpowers. They often relfected the person's personality (i.e. a shy social outcast who everone ignores is given the power of invisiblity) or powers granted the people's deepest desires ( i.e. to become a rocket scientist). It also causes repressed feelings to manifest in a power (i.e. duplicate into a second person who is your polarized personality).


The original and cause of the storm remains a mystery and so far it is unique and not known to have occurred anywhere else except in Metal Bey City, Japan.