The Misfits are a group of dark natured bladers who like many other people in Metal Bey City, have superhuman abilities and use them for their own personal gain.

The Misfits' logo.

Beyblade 4D Opening 2 The Villens

A few of the Misfits' members.

Metal Fight Beyblade: Darkness RisingEdit

The Misfits' members use their powers for self benefit and greed. They have shown to be nothing but pure evil and have caused great devastation in Metal Bey City. Once Daigo and Kiba were recruited to join, all hope was lost, as they now had two of the strongest bladers in the city on their side. 


Prometheus-Is the A.I. that operates all of the machinery and systems in the Misfits' HQ.

Daigo Osuushi - Is the Misfit's scout and the muscle of the team. He own     ---- Bull -----.

Kiba Inuzuka- Is one of the strongest members of the MisFits and a great asset to the team. She owns Phantom Wolf AD145D.