Sukyo Kurosama [Japanese] is a main character in MFB:Darkness Rising and owns L-Gemios Destructor DF105R2F.


As a kid, Sukyo was happy with his step-father. One day, he saw a fiery beyblader come up to him. He seen that it was his brother, Ryukyo. Sukyo and Ryukyo trained really hard and one day they met Sakyo. They battled hard and Sukyo beat both of them. Ever since then, Ryukyo and Sukyo have been rivals

Metal Fight Beyblade:Darkness RisingEdit



Electrokenesis -Is the power that allows Sukyo to create and manipulate eletric with his mind.

Dragonisis- L-Gemios gives Sukyo the power for him to turn into a Dragon Warrior.


L-Gemios Destructor DF105R2F- Is Sukyo Kurosama's one and only beyblade.

Face Bolt:L-Gemios

Energy Ring:Destructor

Fusion Wheel:L-Drago

Spin Track:DF105

Tip:Right Rubber Flat

Special Move(s)Edit

Dragon Warrior Freezing Infinity-is when L-Gemios Spin in the middle stadium and won't move, then freezes the opposing beyblade, then attacks it and breaks it into shards.