Ryukyo Kurosama [Japanese:] is a main character in Metal Fight Beyblade:Darkness Rising and owns L-Drago Guardian B:D.

Baby Ryukyo


As a kid, Ryukyo was happy with his mother. One day, he saw a fiery beyblader come up to him. He seen that it was his father, Ryuga. Ryuga and Ryukyo trained really hard and one day they met Sakyo. They battled hard and Ryukyo beat both of them. Ever since then, Ryukyo and Sakyo have been rivals.

Metal Fight Beyblade:Darkness RisingEdit



Pyrokenesis -Is the power that allows Ryukyo to create and manipulate things with his mind.

Dragoform- L-Drago gives Ryukyo the power for him to turn into a Chinese Dragon.


L-Drago Guardian B:D-is Ryukyo Kurosama's one and only beyblade, also know as "The Dragon Teen"

Face Bolt:L-Drago 3

Energy Ring:Guadian

Fusion Wheel:L-Drago 3

4D bottom:B:D

Special Move(s)Edit

Dragon Emperor's Harlem Shake-is when L-Drago calls all the dragons to dance with him by playing the harlem shake, then the dragons attack the opposing bey causing it to lose by stadium out.