Kiba unleashing her Blader Spirit.

Kiba Inuzuka [Japanese: 木場犬塚, Inuzuka Kiba] is one of the top bladers in The MisFits in Metal Fight Beyblade: Darkness Rising. She uses Phantom Wolf AD145D. Like many other bladers, she has superhuman abilities due to The Storm .


Kiba's past has been a dark and mysterious one. When she was younger, her father, Doji Fubuki, went missing, leaving her to fend for herself. She has been able to sharpen her senses to their peak and has decided to join The MisFits . She has become one of their stongest members and won't stop at anything to achieve her number one goal, finding her father. 

Metal Fight beyblade: Darkness RisingEdit



Technological Aptitude - Is the power that allows Kiba to understand technology better than any other human.

Synsesthete - Is the power that allows Kiba to enhance any of her five senses, (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) at a time.


Phantom Wolf AD145D is Kiba's one and only confirmed beyblade.

Face Bolt: Wolf

Clear Wheel: Wolf

Metal Wheel: Phantom

Track: Armored Defense 145


Special Move(s)Edit